Algaecide and Bactericide

The Product Formulation contains high-quality copper sulfate pentahydrate and other EPA-approved ingredients that allow the high solubility of the copper sulfate pentahydrate and rapid penetration of the copper ions into the cells of algae, bacteria and plant disease pathogens. As a result, the cidal effect of copper is achieved at very low concentrations.

Irrigation CanalWater Reservoir
Irrigation Drip FeedIrrigation Walking Beam

Agri-Life is a new and highly effective antimicrobial product using an advanced “Ionic Mineral Technology (IMT)” as the basis for the proprietary formulary approach to fully dissolving copper and other application-specific potentiating ingredients in stable, cost-effective and environmentally sound, highly concentrated aqueous solutions.

Agri-Life remains in suspension indefinitely, self-disperses in water and exhibits cidal action in direct proportion to biological demand.

Agri-Life is designed to kill algae, bacteria and other pathogens in irrigation reservoirs, canals and to keep boom, drip feed and chemigation system emitters clear of obstructions.

Agri-Life does not clog lines or spray nozzles or destroy pumps causing costly interruptions and repairs.

Agri-Life is non-abrasive and mixes instantly without making dust which can be a health risk.

Agri-Life is designed to kill algae, bacteria and other pathogens as well as, tadpole shrimp in rice fields.