• Is Agri-Life® compatible with other products for plant disease control?

    Yes, it is compatible with most plant disease control pesticides and sticking agents. Contact your distributor or us if you have any concerns with product compatibility.

  • What happens to Agri-Life® in high pH water?

    The product will not be as effective in higher pH ranges of 8.6 or above. Lower the pH to reactivate the product.

  • What is the ideal alkalinity when using Agri-Life®?

    The ideal alkalinity is not above 130 ppm. (Low alkalinity uses less product.)

  • What happens to Agri-Life® if alkalinity is too high?

    High alkalinity will reduce the effectiveness of the product. This is not a permanent loss or reduction because it will rebound with proper alkalinity adjustment.

  • What is the best way to apply Agri-Life®?

    This product is self-dispersing; applying it in several locations is recommended, but not necessary, for quicker algae control results in water bodies. Aerial, tractor drawn, and walking boom spraying, as well as furrow irrigation and chemigation, are all effective for plant disease control. Pretreatment is the best way to ensure the lowest usage rates and best results.