Fungicide / Bactericide* / Algaecide



“Metal ions, either alone or in complexes, have been used to disinfect fluids, solids and tissues for centuries. The ancient Greeks in the time of Hypocrates (400 BC) were the first to discover the sanitizing power of copper. Early American pioneers moving west across the continent put silver and copper coins in large wooden water casks to provide safe drinking water for their long journey. Copper is one of a relatively small group of metallic elements which are essential to human health. In contrast to the low sensitivity of human tissue (skin or other) to copper, microorganisms are extremely susceptible to copper”.

Excerpts from Copper as a Biocidal Tool Current Medicinal Chemistry, 2005, Vol. 12, No. 18 2165

Agri-Life is a unique and highly effective clear blue antimicrobial product using advanced Ionic Mineral Technology (IMT) as the basis for its proprietary formulary approach to fully dissolving copper and other application specific potentiating ingredients in stable, cost effective and environmentally sound aqueous solutions at very low concentrations.

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Product Information:

Agri-Life is used to control algae or bacteria* in impounded waters, lakes, ponds, livestock watering systems, reservoirs or irrigation canals.

Agri-Life is used to control algae or bacteria* in non-sprinkler, non-drip irrigation conveyance and chemigation systems, and similar open irrigation

Agri-Life is used to control algae or bacteria* in sprinkler, drip or other types of closed irrigation equipment.

Agri-Life is used for extending the shelf life of listed fruits, vegetables and other plants by reduction of the bacteria* and fungi that cause spoilage in
post-harvest raw fruits, vegetables, and other plants from nurseries, greenhouses, and fields.

Agri-Life is used to control algae and tadpole shrimp in rice fields.

Agri-Life is used for control of plant diseases in listed food and non-food crops, tropical foliage plants, annual /perennial plants, potted flowering plants, shrubs and vines, trees and turfgrass in nurseries, greenhouses and fields.

Copper is a micronutrient, but its pesticidal application rate exceeds the amount of copper needed as a nutrient.

*Non-Public Health Bacteria